This year we have been busy and productive with our Professional Development attending two Migration Institute of Australia (MIA) workshops. The first in Brisbane and the second in Hobart.


Each year we actively participate in MIA workshops. In the past years, we have participated in migration agents' mentoring workshops in Brisbane for registered migration agents. However, this year was exceptional for us attending two very high standard events; the MIA Queensland and Northern Territory State Conference 2019 at IES College, Spring Hill, Brisbane Friday 31 May 2009 and MIA Hobart Workshops Seminar 17 June 2019 at Department of State Growth and Department of Home Affairs Building in 188 Collins Street, Hobart.


The MIA Queensland and Northern Territory  State Conference 2019 included key note speaker and speakers from Department of Home Affairs , ANU, Financial advisors, Lawyers and Broking Services, Manager Business and Skilled Migration Queensland, CEO Chamber of Commerce and Indusrty Queensland. The afternoon session included a showcase about refugees in Queensland and cases about Judicial Review.


The Tasmanian Seminar Workshop Day included Tasmanian Government State Nomination Crieteria for General Skilled Migration. Presenters from Department of Home Affairs  presented about regional visas pathways and there was a question and answer session. In the afternoon, a senior Lawyer and Migration Agent presented about Bridging Visas and the Migration Agents' Code of Conduct conflicts of interest. CEO of MIA closed the days' workshops with an empowering speech. 


Both events were fascinating and hats off to all of the speakers and presenters as well as MIA, who organized these two exceptional events.