Covid-19 Recent Developments 29 April 2020

Covid-19 Corona Virus visa issues due to Covid-19 are being addressed by Migration Institute of Australia.


News Update VIA  Migration Institute of Australia (MIA)

As you may be aware travel restictions are in place both in Australia and around the world. Even Australian Citizens and Permanent Residents have restrictions. Actually, the only people who can travel to Australia as of 20th March 2020 are Australian Citizens, a permanent resident or an immediate family member of an Australian Citizen, permanent resident or a New Zealand Citizen, who is usually an Australian resident.


Australian Citizens’ Travel

From 25th March Australian Citizens were not permitted to travel overseas. The commissioner has the ability to make decisions about exemptions for travel to Australia. There are exemptions that can be applied  for essential travel and urgent or humanitarian grounds. Family members means spouses, de facto partners, dependent children and legal guardians.


457 / 482 visa holders

457/482 visas applicants, who have been stood down have the ability to apply for an extension as per normal visa arrangements.


Working Holiday Makers

Working Holiday makers can apply for a second or third working holiday visa. If working in a critical sector such as agriculture, food processing, health care, disability care, or child care, there is now an exemption against the six month work limit criteria. There are also additional situations where working holiday makers can work longer than six months for an employer.


Temporary Visa Holders

Temporary visa holders, such as students are permitted to work up to 40 hours per week in certain situations and access $10,000 of their superannuation. There is also a new visa called a 408 visa for specific skilled work to assist with emergency services for Australia.


Visa is expiring – Crawford Migration COVID-19 RESPONSE

For those temporary visa holders including visitors, whose visa is expiring, or has expired, Crawford Migration offers to assist with our appointment offer for those, who may be effected by Covid-19.


William Crawford

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