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An Aborist or Tree Surgeon is a professional practice, which is cultivation, management and study of individual trees, shrubs and vines and other woody plants. An Arborist cuts and shapes trees by removing limbs and branches. They also need to know how to treat trees with fertilizers and insecticides. An Aborist may also need to cut and remove dead or decaying trees advising on general tree care. In addition, in certain instances, an Aborist needs to know about safety issues, such as working in high places and working closely with electrical wires such as low voltage and high voltage wires.


minimum qualification


Certificate III is the minimum qualification


Visas and skilled Occupation list


Aborist, is on the Short Term and Regional Skilled Occupation Lists.


If you are a company and would like to sponsor an Arborist to train or work for up to two years or longer the visas can be either 407 Training visa, or 482 Temporary work visa, or 491 Skilled Work regional Visa or a 187 Regional Sponsored Visa for regional areas.

If you are a worker with some experience as an Aborist but are not traines you may also consider the 407 Training Visa if a company will sponsor you. Or if you live in the city or regional area and have a Certifcate III with two years post qualification experience a 482 visa will be good for 2 years.


If an Arborist is already qualified with two years minimum post qualification experience and they want to apply for a State or Territory Sponsorship they can apply for a Visa such as the 190 Visa, 489 Visa.


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